Is Bullying an issue?
No longer does bullying only mean a big kid hurting a smaller kid on the playground. In today’s world there are many variations of bullying, but as educators how do we identify which type is happening in our classroom? How can we effectively stop this behavior? How can we help the victims? If we know that there are not only one or two types of bullying, but five, we can effectively assess the situation and create a solution to the behavior.

Bullying is a vicious cycle, the bullied will become the bully unless preventative actions are taken. Let us show you how you can break the cycle now and with time, make your schools and classrooms safe.

What is Stop.Walk.Talk?

StopWalkTalk is the National Bully Reporting System. An online reporting method that will send alerts directly to you. Give your students, teachers, administrators, parents and community a way to report bullying. Stop.Walk.Talk is part of your comprehensive plan. Give your district the ability to deal with incidents immediately! is the National Bully Reporting System. When an individual wants to report bullying, they simply visit and file a report. can be accessed from any location, computer or smart phone! Students, staff, parents, and members of the community will never be without a voice!

When a report is filed, email and text message alerts are instantly sent to the appropriate individuals, such as principals, counselors, and social workers. Reports can be monitored, updated, and viewed at any time by authorized individuals. keeps a secure record of reports, actions taken and outcomes so schools can better monitor bullying situations and prevent them from happening.  Easy to use, reliable, safe and consistent, is breaking the silence!

 “Stop.Walk.Talk” is affordable!
Reduce liability and financial losses due to bully related
incidents. One lawsuit can cost tens of thousands of dollars! Enroll your schools today and help protect your students!


  • 24 hour access to Bully Reporting and Alert System
  • Unlimited FREE Mobile App Downloads
  • 2 "Break the Silence" Poster Sets (8 posters)
  • 2 "Bully Free Zone" Sticker Packs (8 stickers)
  • Student, Teacher, and Parent Bullying Surveys to assess your school's climate
  • 20 Sample "Bully Bands" in a variety of colors. Additional "Bully Bands" are available for separate purchase.
  • 24 hour access to Online Customer Resources
  • Unlimited telephone and technical support
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